12 ounces of Scotch Whisky in a can

Amid the controversy swirling around "Blackout in a can" Four Loko, comes word that a Panama based liquor company is producing scotch whisky in a can.

It's a portable, light-weight and recyclable way to down eight shots of scotch whisky.

Delivered in 12 ounce aluminum cans (the size of a standard beer can), the company, Scottish Spirits, is testing out the concept in Caribbean and South American markets. They say the can (which can not be re-sealed after opening) is designed to be shared among three people, and can be used with soda mixers.

Eater reports that, oddly, Scottish Spirits makes an alcohol-free whisky aimed at Muslim customers. "We're not really sure why anyone would want to drink alcohol-free whisky, either."

The Scotch Whisky Association said it would try to ban the cans for breaching international labelling rules, saying that they are concerned that consumers may be confused whether or not the product is real Scotch.

Scottish Spirits Chief Manish Panshal said: ‘We are really thrilled with the idea – it’s going to be a part of every lifestyle and occasion.

Additional source: UK Daily Mail

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