31 Flavors of Mayonnaise

Money making bloggers have always known that people search for super specific things. If they tailor their blog content to answer the specific need of the searcher, they can ensure that their post will be among the top five search results. This hooks the searcher in and then targeted ads drive them further down the funnel, providing Google with a click and the advertiser with a potential customer or sale. They call these super-focused sites “Mini-Niche” and they are everywhere online. The offline equivalent of this would be walking down the street and on the way you ask someone - “Excuse me? - Where is the nearest  grocery store, I need to buy some mayonnaise?” and they smile and say “You don’t need to go to the grocery store, because there is a mayonnaise store right there and they have every mayonnaise flavor you could dream of!”  Wow! Who knew that mayonnaise came in different flavors? and that there were stores that sold just mayonnaise. For most of you the thought of 31 flavors Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store for mayonnaise may be scary, but for others this would be a dream come true. The truth is that this mayonnaise store is real and is soon opening on Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn. Yes, I know that Brooklyn is a “Mini-Niche” lovers paradise, in fact the sign coming over the bridge says “ Welcome to Brooklyn, Name it... We Got It”, but that’s not my point...or is it?

Our globally connected and socially aware world is creating a society that wants super specific things. We want “Mini-Niche” products and experiences that are unique and tailored to our interests. No longer are big box, mass marketed, platform sites and experiences enough to satisfy our increasingly fickle and refined tastes. Granted, these grocery store platform experiences like Facebook will continue to be a societal staple, but it’s the “Mini-Niche” focused experiences, products and sites like Pinterest, Foodspotting and Betabrand that cater to a specific interest that will flourish. Opportunities to establish differentiated brands with passionate audiences are all around us and if our strategies only focus on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and not emerging services/networks will have a difficult time connecting with the most passionate mayonnaise lovers among us. It’s time to get specific people, the more specific the better.

What are The Five “Mini-Niche” services and sites that you are passionate about?
Author Jon Cronin is Managing Director of Social Engagement at Citizen Paine. He is a digital veteran and social media thought leader; and has been on the forefront of developing digital marketing programs and social strategies for leading companies for his entire 17-year career. In his current role, he leads Citizen Paine’s global social engagement practice, which includes driving senior-level social thought leadership, leading overall social strategy and growing client business. He lives in Brooklyn, with his beautiful and talented wife is also an active participant and influencer within the digital community, with thousands following his blogs and Twitter streams on a daily basis.
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