THE FIVE reads: "Madboy, Brandwashed, Onward, the Method Method, and Tell to Win"

I read a couple of business books a month--mostly delivered to my doorstep by book publisists wanting me to review them for this blog. You'll find some of my reviews under the "5Books Before Lunch" tag.

Most Many of the books I receive (published by some incredibly reputable publishers) have an interesting concept that is worth no more than 25-30 pages of text, not 200-300 pages. In many cases, the author has one great idea that an editor has convinced them is worthy of an entire book. And, don't get me started on how poorly some of these books are written.

Then there are the occasional jems--books that I leave dog-eared and highlighted within an inch of their lives. Here are five of my favorites from this year. I hope you'll find these books as powerful and entertining as I did.

Check out favorite number 1 on the next page!

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The Featured Five