5 Common SEO Mistakes Directly from the Mouth of Google [video]

The SEO industry is a fast paced moving machine with many moving parts at any given moment. If you are unable to keep yourself educated on the various hot topics you might find your website slipping quickly in the search engine rankings. Over the years Google has made numerous algorithm changes and many website owners have failed to acknowledge some of these important and significant changes leading them down a dark lonely road. Search engine optimization techniques just a few years ago might not be relevant any longer which happens often with algorithm updates.

It is always great when Google comes out and lets the search marketing community understand different efforts website owners might be doing wrong when marketing their websites. Recently Google has become much more revealing with little tips and secrets as to how their search engine works and the common mistakes that web marketers tend to make. Of course they don’t reveal everything because then it would be no fun but they do give enough info to keep people on the straight and narrow.

Below is a Google SEO video created by Maile Ohye who goes into great detail the 5 most common SEO mistakes many website owners make today.

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