Jam, Pies, Panties, Bikes and Whiskey: FIVE Favorite Consumer Products

We may be wandering off the reservation a bit on this one, but it is Sunday afternoon and we (me) here at 5 Blogs Before Lunch would like to share a few products that have caught our eye due to their unique positioning.

Full disclosure: no PR flack, publicity agent or press release prompted inclusion in this list. These are just 5 of our favorite products:

We Love Jam

Two Silicon Valley guys and a Blenheim apricot tree are responsible for We Love Jam. We love the way Eric Haeberli and Phineas Hoang spin a yarn in their folksy (but authentic) emails to their loyal customers. Here's a sample:

"Whether it is our Blenheim apricot jam, our Fukushu kumquat marmalade, our Mariposa or Elephant Heart plum jams, our bbq sauce - everything is made by hand by the two of us in small batches using the best ingredients we find either locally from small farmers or from the best international sources. Before we sell anything we make sure that it passes our extremely critical taste test. If it doesn't taste amazing - we won't sell it."

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