THE FIVE Reads : "How to" Social Media Marketing Books

Social Media Marketing is today's de rigueur marketing tactic. Unlike digital advertising, which took years to be integrated into marketer's advertising budgets, social media marketing is being added to media and marketing plans at a staggeringly fast pace.

Marketers are trying to get up to speed quickly on this latest tactical media.

I can't tell you how many times as a marketing consultant  I'm asked "do you know social?"

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of "experts" who are whipping out webinars, and seminars, and consulting programs, and books on the topic. On this sunny Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd present five current books on the topic that have been recently sent to me for review by the author's publishers and publicists.

They're all "How to" books, discussing the tactical implementation of social media marketing programs. They're good primers on how to get started, and frankly, all you need to be effective in your pursuits. Afterall, social media marketing isn't brain surgery--it is merely a new avenue to deliver your message, and engage with your customers.

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