5 start-ups before lunch: Cohuman is simplifying lives and helping us focus on what matters

There is a San Francisco-based start-up called Cohuman that's helping simplify daily activities by prioritizing tasks and to-do lists, in order to let us focus on what matters.

Doesn't everyone need a little push, a little extra coordination in our lives, to get things done?

Cohuman is a task management application billed as "The intelligent workspace for coordinating people and managing projects."

It makes it easy to digitally share, manage and assign tasks with other people. Cohuman prioritizes tasks based on an algorithm that intelligently factors-in emerging priorities, due dates and dependencies to ensure that each team member works on the highest priority projects, and no one becomes a bottleneck.

But the best part of Cohuman is its ability to remember for you and remind you of what needs to get done.

Cohuman launched with a free, personal product, and has recently introduced a “Professional” version that’s aimed at businesses. It’s subscription-based and has additional features, including greater amounts of storage and more control over who can access each project and task.

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