5 start-ups before lunch: Urban Spoils is taming the wild-west of "daily deals"

Daily deals from the likes of GroupOn, Living Social, Gilt, Tippr, BuyWithMe, SocialBuy, Bloomspot, Yelp, OpenTable--and a seemingly endless list of companies, are beginning to inundate consumer's in-boxes.

So it seems to be perfect timing for an aggregator of this content to emerge, and help consumers sort through the myriad of deals be presented to them.

Urban Spoils is a company that aggregates and recommends daily deals on great local restaurants, spas, concerts, events, fitness, and luxury brands. Still in beta, they're already in more than 60 U.S.

Urban Spoils says they're trying to make it easier for people to enjoy fun things in their communities.

"Urban Spoils makes it easy for adventurous urbanites to discover unique local experiences that are perfect for them, their families and friends at ridiculously discounted prices," says Raj Bharti, co-founder of Urban Spoils. "In the post-recession era that we are living in, consumers are looking for value more than ever before and group buying is here to stay."

Urban Spoils allows users to choose how they receive and share deals, by signing up for a daily email alert for a specific city, and sharing local deals or "'spoils" via Facebook and Twitter.

The company has a very simple privacy policy: No personal information is ever shared. "We'd like to be the 'Kayak' of deals and want to provide our users a secure way to experience the new wave of social buying," continues Bharti. "That means our users should be free to explore, compare, purchase, and share great local products and services without worrying about their information being sold to spammers. As matter of fact, unlike most coupon sites, we don't force users to provide their emails as soon as they land on our website."

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