5 start-ups before lunch: Yolk integrates digital and real-life experiences at live events.

CONTINUATION of my series around emerging companies having an impact on the social media marketing landscape. Today, meet Yolk...

Imagine being treated like a VIP at the next concert you attend. What if you could get introduced around to other fans, and see what they see? What if you could take a look at what’s going on backstage, and discover offers and deals on merchandise—available only to you.

And imagine that all of this is brought to you by the concert sponsor—maybe Starbucks, Visa or Budweiser—and is free of cost to consumers.

Yolk is an online smartphone application whose mission is to integrate online and real-life experiences. Geo-locating technology matches you to events and sponsors; and Yolk uses images—photos and videos, to give you a peek inside places you wouldn’t normally have access to—and help introduce you to like-minded people at social events.

For marketers sponsoring events, it is another opportunity for user engagement—one that allows you to communicate directly with your fans before, during and after your sponsored event. When was the last time you were able to deeply engage one-on-one with fans—live and in-person at sponsored events?

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