7 Apps That Will Save You Time and Energy.

Today’s busy professional, wither offline or online, can always use an app that saves time, eases stress and makes the day a little easier.  From apps that help the creative pro get an online presence to apps that keep your tasks and day organized the collection here will make your busy day a little easier.  Click on one or 2 and see what I mean. If you have the time, click on them all.

5 Minutes – Easily showcase your creations online.

Let’s be honest, if you’re a creative professional the last thing you want to do is learn how to set up a website.  It can be a pain, at the very least.  With 5 Minutes there’s no need to learn about payment pages and HTML code because they do it all for you, and fast.  From showing your on and offline creations to taking orders and managing your portfolio, 5 Minutes takes care of the technical stuff while you do what you do best; create. They even get you ranked on Google!

Best Feature – Your Portfolio works on all mobile devices.

DigMyData – Track your info over multiple platforms in one single app.

Knowing where and when your promotions are working is one of the most important aspects of working online.  If you don’t know what’s working or where it’s working you can’t plan your advertising and promotions, am I right?  DigMyData shows you what is working, where it’s working and when, and put it all in a convenient app that give you all that data in a palatable graphic.  It might take a while to get to know it, but it should be a big help if you’ve got multiple websites going.

Best Feature- Tells you when and where your promos are working best. Nice.

Mighty Deals – The deal site with web tools you can actually use.

If you’re a busy web professional looking for great deals on web tools that are actually useful then Mighty Deals is the site you need.  The fact is, most ‘deal’ sites have great deals on, well, junk.  If I can’t use it to build my web business then I don’t want to waste my time with it, and I’m assuming you’re the same.  Mighty Deals won’t waste your time, and that’s why I recommend it.

Best Feature – They change up their deals every day, so check back often.

Rescue Time – If you need a virtual babysitter.

I tend to concentrate well if I have no distractions.  Problem is, there are soooo many distractions.  Rescue Time is like a virtual baby-sitter, tracking your time and sending you notes if you’re slacking off. It’s an interesting concept, and I could use it sometimes to be sure, but unless you really have a problem concentrating this might be an app that you can pass.

Best Feature – You can block distractions on the net for specific time periods.

MyFav.es – Your favorite web page can now be your homepage.

With MyFav.es you can use any page on the internet that you adore and make it your homepage.  That’s kinda’ cool.  Pick any page and easily set is as your homepage on all your devices, including your iPad and iPhone.  This one won’t change the world but it will make you smile, so check it out.

Best Feature – Works on all your devices.

1daylater – The easy to use miles, time and expense tracker.

We all know that sitting down at the end of each month to put together all those numbers, figuring out miles, hours, expenses and so forth, can be a time waster and energy drainer.  With 1daylater you have an app that puts all those numbers together for you and spits them out in a simple, easy to use interface that will make the end of the month something to look forward to. If you have time sensitive projects that you need to keep up on this may be a very useful app.

Best Feature – The ‘shorthand’ note system will save you even more time.

Coolendar – The calendar and task app that combines the best of both.

Coolendar takes the best of your favorite calendar app and the best of your best task app and puts them together in a unique new format.  It’s simple, efficient, gives you plenty of different ways to notify yourself (email, txt, phone call) and looks really cool too.  If you’re a busy professional this may be a great app for you, although you’ll have to learn a new app.

Best Feature – It does away with the ‘duration’ feature that most people hate.

Raul Dumitrescu is a web addict and social marketing architect at Mostash.com. He also calls himself a professional reader and a pop culture aficionado.

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