A little pigtailed girl named Wendy's is taking over the world, one foie gras burger at a time.

Wendy's is about to pass Burger King in U.S. sales, trailing only McDonald's who sits high on the fast-food heap. And while a lot of credit for the shift in market share can be attributed to Burger King's failure in the marketplace, much can be said for Wendy's aggressive changes too.

There's a lot going on under that red pigtail right now. Wendy's recently changed the formula of its trademark square burgers--softening the edges a little bit and coming out with Dave's Hot 'N Juicy--a sandwich named after its founder (who had named Wendy's after his daughter). The company also spun off its Arby's brand, and is focusing more on the burger business, is thinking about adding a breakfast menu (again) and has just recently re-launched in Japan.

In Japan, Wendy's is introducing sixteen dollar foie gras hamburgers. Yep, that's a Wendy's burger with a slab of foie, and costs ¥1,280, or about US$16.43. Wendy's is also offering its Japanese patrons an Avocado Wasabi hamburger and a Truffle and Porcini Grilled Chicken sandwich.

This seems like a good strategy of testing some innovative novelty sandwich concepts akin to the gourmet burger joints proliferating urban strongholds in the U.S.--places like Five Guys, Super Duper Burger, Elevation Burger and Umami Burger.

We're rooting for the pigtail!

Sources: Daily Finance, Eater and MarketWatch

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