Adidas sues over its “famous and distinctive” three stripes.

Christian Louboutin, the luxury French shoe designer gas been suing fellow French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent over the color red, and whether Louboutin can trademark that color made famous on the soles of his shoes. 

"I do not own a color. I own a specific color in a specific place," claims Louboutin  of his distinctive soles.

Now comes word that a German shoe company is suing an American company over how many stripes it can have on the sides of its shoes.

Can’t these folks just all get along?

Adidas claims that the stripes on Merrell’s new Barefoot Glove shoes look too much like the company's famous three-stripe mark, and is suing the maker of Merrell shoes for trademark infringement.

Adidas claims Wolverine World Wide is illegally using its “famous and distinctive” three-stripe mark on several brands. Adidas accuses the of putting stripes on Wolverine brand’s CAT Footwear, Hush Puppies and Merrell that are “confusingly similar imitations” to the design of its sneakers.

“For decades, Adidas has extensively and continuously used and promoted the Three-Stripe Mark in connection with footwear and apparel,” noted the company’s attorney in the suit filed May 25 in an Oregon federal court. In the suit, attorneys for Adidas say the company tried to resolve the issue with Wolverine but couldn’t reach an agreement.

We, frankly are a little confused as we count four stripes on the photos of the Barefoot Glove that we've seen, but perhaps Adidas is seeing something that we don't.

Source: M Live

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