Air Force One is For Sale

The DC 9-32 aircraft that has served as Air Force One for U.S. presidents from Gerald Ford to George W. Bush can be yours for as little as $50,000.Former US President Bill Clinton waves goodbye as

The GSA is in charge of the auction. They’re the agency which helps manage all of the support materials—from computer software to trash cans, to Air Force One for US government offices. 

The only problem I see with the deal is that Air Force One is only designated as such when a sitting U.S. President is aboard (and Air Force Two if it’s transporting the Vice President). So if you buy this DC 9-32 aircraft all you are really getting is the “former” Air Force One without any of the perks of being president. The plane does come with 10 seats in the VIP cabin, 32 in the main cabin, and the ability to impress your travel companions.

Air Force One Government Auction official website

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