Another luxury car company turns to "Mad Men." Lincoln hires John Slattery as spokesperson.

Lincoln has been struggling to define its personality in recent years.

Their new campaign is themed "Smarter than Luxury," is designed to give a little more humanity to the brand, and will feature John Slattery as their spokesperson.

Slattery is best known these days as Roger Sterling, the character he portrays on AMC's Mad Men. On the show he schmoozes; drinks; and is a sexist, racist womanizer--so let's point out that Lincoln hired Slattery NOT to portray his Mad Men character in the ads.

Lincoln says they hired Slattery "absolutely not Roger Sterling. We're not tying into Mad Men," says Matt VanDyke, Lincoln's U.S. marketing communications manager. "What we did not want is some superstar celebrity on the cover of the tabloids. We like his sophistication, his tonality."

VanDyke says Slattery makes sense because the luxury-car market is largely buyers in their 50s. And he says Lincoln is unconcerned that Slattery's Mad Men character is not exactly a model citizen. Print ads carry headlines like "Not born yesterday" and "Nobody's fool."

Interestingly, Slattery isn't the only Mad Men actor to hawk automobiles as a spokesperson.  Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on “Mad Men,” recently became the voice-over announcer for commercials for Mercedes-Benz, replacing actor Richard Thomas.

Sources: USA Today and The New York Times

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