Apple expands retail strategy with "Joint Venture" for Indie businesses

Hoping to continue gobbling up the growing Indie-business sector, Apple has just announced the launch of small business consulting services.

As more and more small and emerging businesses set-up shop with the cadre of Apple products--from the iPhone and iPad to the new MacBook Pro, Apple wants to service them the way they service individuals--with personal, in-person care.

The one-on-one, on-demand in-store service of the Genius Bar and Apple Care have helped Apple's retail strategy be a model of personal care, with a strong brand building halo effect.

The new business program is called "Joint Venture."

Teams pay a set-fee (concierge-style) for on-demand set-up/device configuration, training and info-tech support.  Genius Bar support via in-person or phone is included.

Expanding their retail-strategy, Joint Venture the Apple Store network as a small-business's home base for help and training, although Apple is setting up a dedicated Joint Venture web environment for customers as well.

Seems like a smart plan to expand their retail strategy--the melding of online conveinience and high-touch in-store care.

Source: Daily Finance and TUAW

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