Are The End Of Year Holidays Good For Job Hunting?

Author J. Mike Smith is a executive, career, and leadership team coach, helping individuals, start-ups, teams and groups perform significantly better.

It’s the end of the year, and common wisdom says that people have packed up shop and that it’s a lousy week for job hunting.


But as John Greathouse notes on his blog, “Conventional wisdom isn’t.”

The next two weeks will be a time when people’s schedules – if they’re not in company shutdown mode – will be unpacked, thoughts will be directed to things apart from work, and folks will be relaxed.

In other words, a great time to meet new people, have some real conversations with people, and network yourself to a new job.

Kimberly Thompson in the Houston Chronicle noted, “don’t buy into [the] holiday job search myths.”

So reach out and try to connect with people this week. And next week too.

Who knows – your new job just might be waiting.

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