Bank of America has been brandhijacked on Google+: You will sit down and shut up, or we will foreclose on you.”

A Google+ brand page for Bank of America has been set up to mock and satirize the financial institution. The page includes unattractive photos of bank executives, and includes posts like this one:

“Starting tomorrow, all Occupy Wall Street protestors with Bank of America accounts around the country will have their assets seized as part of BofA’s new Counter-Financial-Terrorism policy,” reads a post on November 8, “You will sit down and shut up, or we will foreclose on you.”

Bank of America--you've been brandhijacked.

Of course, fake accounts are nothing new. Twitter has dealt with this for quite some time, opting for "verifying" of accounts when their legitimacy is questions. Apparently though, Google+ allows anyone to create a Plus Page for any business, so long as they link to that business’s official website.

Clearly, there is no question that this is an impostor-generated site.

Note: the site has since been removed from Google+

Source: Talking Points Memo

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