BANNED: Beyonce's ad for "Heat" is too hot to handle

A television ad for Beyonce's "Heat" perfume has been banned from daytime TV in the UK due to its sexual imagery.

The UK's media watchdog group The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) investigated the ad and deemed it ‘too sexually provocative’ to be seen by young children and will not be shown on British TV before 7.30pm

Fragrance manufactuer Coty UK says the ad was stylized in keeping with other ads in the genre, and not overtly graphic or explicitly sexual. At at no point was Beyonce naked, they added. A spokesman said: ‘The ad was intended to reflect the singer Beyonce’s personal “sexy chic” style.’

The UK Daily Mail reports that the ASA accepted that the commercial was not obscene or offensive but was unhappy that it had been shown on daytime TV. It said: ‘Several complainants had told us their children had seen the ad broadcast during the middle of the day around family programmes.’

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