Bath Salts: A new class of consumer stimulant products with a dangerous kick.

Remember Four Loko? It was an alcoholic beverage popular amoung teens and young adults with a caffeine kick that was all the rage, until the crackdown. It is now sold without the kick, and with diminished appeal and sales.

Now, a new sustance is making the rounds of convenience stores, online and at head shops that most likely will have a similar fate.

Bath salts.

But these are not your mother's bath salts.

While similar in that they come in power and crystal form; today's bath salts do little to calm you, or sooth your troubles away as they melt in your bath tub. In fact, the newest version of bath salts can apparently leave you so agitated, violent and psychotic that even large doses of sedatives and an army of medical workers can't calm you down.

And, the product is legal in at least 1/2 of the country.

Twenty eight states--mostly in the south and midwest, have banned bath salts from sale. These are the states most familiar with the affects of the salts that appear to be similar to PCP. The New York Times reports that some of the recent incidents include a man in Indiana who climbed a roadside flagpole and jumped into traffic, a man in Pennsylvania who broke into a monastery and stabbed a priest, and a woman in West Virginia who scratched herself “to pieces” over several days because she thought there was something under her skin.

And, if you want to follow Lindsay Lohan's all-kinds-of-crazy, there's a bath salt product called "Lindsay" who's makers claim it is legal in 50 states. "Everyone remember Lindsay's outlandish behavior and disregard for peace?   Well just when we thought she was gone, LINDSAY bath salts is now available." 

People typically snort, inject or smoke bath salts which are sold for $25 to $50 per 50-milligram packet, and without a warning label that informs people of their dangerous and long-lasting effects. Or mentions the need for a trip to your nearest emergency room, or that trip to the psych ward.

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