Be aware of the boomerang.

Guest author and entrepreneur Valerie Grison is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of StoraLab, a company creating exciting, engaging online & mobile experiences for kids age 7-14.

Sometimes, often, we need to make decisions. Personal decisions. Business decisions.

Sometimes when you’re thinking of the decision you’re about to make, you feel a little uneasiness somewhere in your head. You can’t quite define it—it’s just an unease.

You’d better listen to it. This little tickle is your subconscious warning you that something is wrong. Intuition.

Every time I have ignored it, it came right back into my head like a boomerang.

It can be hard to turn down an appealing job proposal; or to not open the door of your company to someone with an amazing curriculum or network; or to not enter into a personal relationship with someone you are attracted to.

Believe me—listen to this inner voice. Don’t waste your time and energy. It is much less painful to nip it in the bud than to suffer the boomerang effect.

There will be sometimes you won't listen to it, either because you have no choice, or no better choice, or because you just want the thing so badly that you decide to override your inner voice. 

Well, get prepared to duck. I am telling you, there is no way to get away from it.

The best you can do in this situation is to prepare yourself from the beginning for the failure. Don't pretend it will be ok. It won't. But if you are prepared you may turn it into your advantage. You might be able to anticipate, to take the control of the situation and then, become a real strategist, because, guess what, you would have used your secret weapon: your intuition.

Guest author and entrepreneur Valerie Grison is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of StoraLab, a company that creates exciting, engaging online and mobile experiences for kids age 7-14. Previously to founding StoraLab, Valerie enjoyed a successful career in the advertising industry of Europe. She built a successful career as the Founder and Executive Producer of a television production company specializing in award winning commercials named Tipitina Films. Valerie produced international films for advertisers including L'Oréal, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Kraft Foods, and Samsung. She has also held finance and operational leadership roles. Her business success led to the acquisition of Others, a B2B advertising agency by Gyro, a global firm headquartered in London.

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