Before you accept that job offer: 3 key questions to answer

It’s a pretty typical interview process.

You’ve met with a recruiter and the hiring manager. Now you fly in the night before and meet a bunch of people in a series of individual and group interviews that will last the entire next day. You fly home that night.

They love you and have offered you a job. Ready to accept the offer?

Marriage should be so easy.

For most of us we know more about they car we’re going to buy, the house we’re going to mortgage, and likely the spouse/partner we’re going to live with then we do about the career-marking job we may end up taking.

As a Twitter friend noted – somebody’s who probably in just this situation – “This is a big change for me and not something I’m familiar with after 10+ years at my current firm.

There are 3 fundamental questions anchored in the critical element of a “good fit” at the new job that will tell you whether you have a fighting chance to succeed, and whether or not you should take the job on that basis. They revolve around these areas: cultural fit, technical expertise, and interpersonal relationships.

Where these three spheres intersect and overlap is the “perfect” job; miss out on one, two, or even three and you may have paid hell on earth.

Here are the thee big questions for which you should find answers:

  1. Can you function effectively within the new culture?
  2. Can you work effectively with the people in your interpersonal sphere (boss, colleagues, direct reports, key clients or vendors)?
  3. Do you have the right technical chops or experience (think wisdom, sector expertise, etc.) that is valued at the potential new place. Do they think you bring the secret sauce, the know-how to get something done that will cause people to listen to what you have to offer. In short, do you bring leverage to the role?

ON THE NEXT PAGE: more on each of those questions.

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