"Blackout in a can" alcoholic energy drink Four Loko halts sales in New York

Following up on a post we wrote last week, the company that makes Four Loko, a fruity malt beverage high in alcohol content and caffeine, dubbed “blackout in a can.” has voluntarily agreed to halt shipments to New York State.

The "voluntary" sales halt comes with a little governmental pressure: New York Governor David Paterson and the State Liquor Authority said in a statement that distributors of the drink would have until Dec. 10 to clear their inventory of the product. Groceries, bodegas and candy stores would have a longer, unspecified grace period.

“This is going to protect our young people,” State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein said at a news conference outside the liquor authority’s offices in Harlem. “This is going to make sure our young people no longer have access to this dangerous product."

Jaisen Freeman, a founder and the managing partner of Phusion Projects, said in a statement that “we think it shows that we are not turning a deaf ear to what’s going on,” he said, “that a select few have chosen to abuse our products, drink them while under age or break the law and sell them to minors.”

Source: The New York Times

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