BP's Arco radio ads contain fake emergency alert tones that set off automatic disaster warnings every time the ads air

As an advertising medium, radio ads can often take a more edgy approach than broadcast television, or even online display ads and print.

But the folks at Ogilvy & Mather have created a new radio spot for oil company Arco (owned by BP) that many step over the "edgy" line.

The ad in question tries to mimic an Emergency Broadcast System alert program. You know, the screeching sound that you hear--usually followed by the line "this is a test of the emergency broadcast system. this is only a test..."

Unfortunately, the radio ad is so real, it is setting off ACTUAL alert systems throughout the nation--every time the ad airs.

Plus, FCC rules state that no person may transmit or cause to transmit theEAS codes or Attention Signal, or a recording or simulation thereof, inany circumstance other than in an actual national, state or local areaemergency or authorized test of the EAS.


You can listen to the radio ad here. Source, here.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers will be issuing a warning to inform stations of the potential problem.

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