Brian Spaly, CEO of Trunk Club: What I'm Obsessed With

There are certain things in life that drive us to obsession. We become infatuated, fixated, or even addicted to things, people and places. Our passions and compulsions might be momentary or lifelong. Lately, we’ve been asking some of the world’s leading innovators what’s driving them to obsession. Here’s Brian Spaly, CEO of men’s outfitter Trunk Club and founder of men’s clothing manufacturer Bonobos, on what he’s currently obsessed with…

1. Shirting - I'm currently and will likely forever be obsessed with our shirts from Eton - I cannot find a shirt that holds up better, has a more perfect fit, or is as versatile as the ones being made by Eton right now.  Simply unbeatable quality and design with the highest standards that hold up to any challenge.  Eton is perfect for a guy like me who can be in three different cities in the same week, and the wrinkle-free nature makes them perfect for jamming in and out of suitcases.

2. Sweaters -  I'm also in love with our new sweaters from Life After Denim.  It's a versatile cashmere blend v-neck in awesome colors.  We challenged them to create a great fitting and really compelling sweater for us that every one of our guys would want to incorporate into his wardrobe.  Life After Denim more than delivered on this challenge by creating a line just for TC at a sharp $98 retail. Look for our new spring "pop" colors to be launching any day now.

3. Food - Protein Bar in Chicago is easily my favorite place to get breakfast and lunch right now - so many healthy options and variety on the menu.  In a way i think we'll look back and say it was reminiscent of discovering a new band; when they have 500 stores and are in every airport in America (PLEASE!) the early Chicago customers will all be proud we knew them when there were just a few outposts in the Loop and River North.  I eat the Superfood Salad, the Vegan Original Barrito, the Memphis Salad and love their seasonal drinks which make the McDonald's Shamrock shake look like cancer in a garbage can.

4. Lake life - Over the last few years i developed an obsession with the Lake Geneva area and will be working on a little project on the north shore this Summer.  I've been wanting a place to go where I can sail and swim and waterski - i'm part of a 3-person water ski team that has never actually waterskied together and we're going to change that this year with some glassy turns at dawn and sunshine in Wisconsin.

5. Travel - I made my first pilgrimage to Berlin in January for the apparel trade shows and discovered a new favorite European town.  What a cool spot and unlike London, which is not friendly and offensively expensive, Berlin offers a much warmer reception for Americans and far better, more affordable nightlife and cuisine.  I'm going back again soon.  I also discovered this ridiculously amazing solid gold G-wagon.  Obsessed!

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