C2-MTL “Creative Answers to Commercial Questions” Winners Announced.

C2-MTL, also known as Commerce + Creativity Montréal, has just announced the winners of the “Creative Answers to Commercial Questions” contest. Last November they asked Montréal innovators and entrepreneurs from 10 different industries to submit projects that showcased the unparalleled nature of creativity in Montréal.

The winners are being featured in a 20-page insert of Fast Company’s March issue, which also highlights the magazine’s picks of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2013. (Fast Company is a partner of C2-MTL). The winning projects were selected by a jury composed of Marc-André Dufort, Vice President Capital Projects at Cirque du Soleil, Nadia Lakhdari, VP Content at C2-MTL, and François Lacoursière, Executive Vice President Strategy Sid Lee.

C2-MTL is an annual conference to be held this year from May 21-23 in Montréal. This contest exemplifies the C2-MTL philosophy and this year’s slogan, "Creativity is everybody’s business."

You can register for the conference here, and make sure you use the FIVE THôT discount code AMBASSADOR131.

Here are the winners of the “Creative Answers to Commercial Questions” Contest:

Marinvent Corporation represents the category of Aviation and Aerospace. Their Adaptive Flight Test-Bed takes major strides towards vanquishing the challenges inherent in the safe integration of pilotless planes into civilian airspace. You’ll love where they put their “ground” control.

Lufa Farms won under the category of Architecture and Urbanism. They discovered a way to turn an otherwise barren urban acreage – namely commercial/industrial rooftops – into fully-functioning produce farms that are both economically and ecologically sustainable. And nary a veggie is wasted.

Virtual Haydn under Culture. The challenge? Record the complete solo works of composer Joseph Haydn in nine historically accurate, virtually recreated performance spaces using technology that didn’t exist. Yet. The result? The Virtual Haydn, 14 hours of beautiful music that doesn’t sound a day over 200 years old courtesy of three McGill University music profs.

Boutique Surmesur represents the category of Retail. As a clothing store with no clothes, it re-conceives the made-to-measure men’s clothing experience with the additionof cutting edge, futuristic tailoring technology. Sizing up a suit will never be the same.

Duoject Medical Systems under Health & Life Sciences, which proved that you can save lives and save money with their multi-tiered solution: the needlestick-protection VaccJect injection device, featuring a needle that is never left exposed.

Ultima Foods proudly honors the category of Gastronomy & Food Industry by responding to competitive pressure, made the ultimate move: they simultaneously developed and launched seven different dairy product lines in more than 40 different flavors in only 18 months from start to finish. In a word, iögo.

E-180 won the category Education and Training, because this new brain-sharing, people-meeting social platform operates _on the premise that not all knowledge, especially experiential knowledge, takes place in formal educational settings. Hence E-180, a natural networking experience that puts folks face-to-face with the people, and knowledge, they want. 

FounderFuel represents the category of Financial Services, because it aims to put gas in the tanks, and money in the banks, of the next generation of business innovators with their signature mentor-driven startup accelerator program, helping aspiring entrepreneurs increase traction and get to revenue faster with the goal of raising follow-on funding.

Moment Factory won the category of Multimedia, because in only four months, it created the very first immersive sound and light spectacle to be projected on the astonishingly complex façade of the iconic Sagrada Familia Cathedral located in Barcelona. They did it, and over 113,000 people experienced, Montréal Signe Ode à la vie.

Accedian Networks proudly honors the category of Media & Telecommunications. As mobile backhaul specialists, they saw the cell phone industry facing an ever-greater challenge– maintaining the quality of service in the network while responding to increasing consumer demand – and came up with a miniature, cigarette-lighter-sized solution that could have huge ramifications.

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