C2-MTL: Commerce+ Creativity—Montreal (C2-MTL) What’s not to Love?

I am in love with a conference that hasn’t even happened yet. C2-MTL (Commerce + Creativity –Montreal) is a gathering for those who have a deep interest in gaining insights into how creativity can drive strategic change. It’s perfect for IDEA PEOPLE—those who feed the new economy with ways to innovate, create, and change the world.

"We are living in a world where everything is moving faster, where we need nimbleness of foot combined with dogged determination to develop creative managerial techniques," remarked Benoît Berthiaume, Executive Producer of C2-MTL. "Consumers' needs must be constantly revisited in order to meet their twin demands for products that are both fun and reliable. C2-MTL 2013 will cover every field, from finance to telecom to fashion to science."

Speakers like Sir Richard Branson, Phillippe Starck, Elle MacPherson, Blake Mycoskie (TOMS Shoes), John Mackey (Whole Foods) will be in Montreal May 21-23.

So what’s not to love? C2‑MTL will have high‑profile speakers, thought-provoking presentations and privileged access to business gurus who have figured out how to incorporate creativity into business management.

 “Creativity is a critical factor for business survival in the age of globalization. C2‑MTL will explore the business/creativity dyad and its potential to reshape the business landscape. We must use both sides of our brains in order to fully leverage our ability to think and create. Participants will be prompted to do just that, and will then be able to apply what they learn in their organizations,” said Jean‑François Bouchard, President of Sid Lee and the main architect of the event.

Oh, and as an official Ambassador to the event, the folks at C2-MTL sent along a personal discount code (AMBASSADOR131) that you can use to get a 10% discount on the current ticket price. And, for the next few days, C2-MTL is offering 30% off (until Tuesday February 19th) on purchases of 2 tickets to C2-MTL. OK, so now you’re in love, right?

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