Cadbury is Creating Melt-resistant “Temperature Tolerant Chocolate.”

Since the 1950's, M&M’s has claimed that their chocolate candies would "melt in your mouth, not in your hands." Now confectioner Cadbury’s—owned by Kraft, may have one-upped M&M’s claims and created a chocolate that doesn’t melt—anywhere. 

The chocolate can endure three hours in an incubator heated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and still be solid, according to its patent application. Cadbury calls it “temperature tolerant chocolate.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers at the company’s plant in Bourneville, England, figured out how to break down the sugar particles into smaller pieces, limiting the amount of meltable fat coating them. No word on how much Oompa Loompas had to do with the discovery.

While not yet available to the public, the patent application suggests that the company is looking to sell the chocolate in “hot climates, particularly in less economically developed countries where the supply chain is ill-equipped to handle significant temperature / humidity fluctuations and where product quality is compromised.”

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