Celebrity Chef Eric Ripert Attaches his Rising Star to "Good and Evil Chocolates" and "Imperial Select Caviar."

Celebrity chefs are apparently like fish, they need to be in constant motion. The most recent example is acclaimed chef Eric Ripert of New York's Michelin-starred Le Bernardin who is connecting his rising star to not one but two new products—a chocolate bar, and caviar.

For the “Good and Evil” chocolate bar, Ripert is partnering with Christopher Curtin, owner of Eclat Chocolate, a Pennsylvania-based gourmet chocolate manufacturer, and another food celebrity— Anthony Bourdain.

The Good & Evil brand is designed to capture the essence of the two iconic chefs' personalities while telling the story of one of the rarest cacao trees on earth: a prized variety called Pure Nacional that was thought to be extinct for nearly a century before being rediscovered growing on small isolated farms within Peru, the only place in the world where it is found. 

The second branded food offering for chef Ripert is called “Eric Ripert Imperial Select Caviar” and is spawned from a partnership with New York's award-winning Paramount Caviar to release a limited-edition caviar acquired from the highest grades of sturgeon roe available. This is the first time the company has partnered with a chef.

Paramount's caviar is already served at Ripert’s Le Bernardin, known for its philosophy of fish as the star of the plate. The caviar tin has a simple white and blue design, wrapped in a white protective band to ensure freshness and placed in a white biodegradable drawstring bag. It is available online for $525—which gets you four ounces while $1,050 buys eight ounces.



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