Chipotle’s newest rival is Taco Bell— with the help of Lorena Garcia and the “Cantina Bell” Menu.

Taco Bell is introducing a new menu line called “Cantina Bell.” The idea is to present the company as offering healthier, more sophisticated foods to compete with the likes of Chipotle which has these type of offerings at their core.

Let’s face it; Taco Bell’s image is more “hangover food” rather than “fresh and natural.” The Cantina Bell menu shifts this perception without straying too far from Taco Bell’s roots—Mexican-themed fast food.

The new Cantina Bell menu features “8 new ingredients,” including whole black beans, white-meat chicken, and corn salsa. The guacamole, the company says, is made with “100-percent Hass avocado.” 

The well-known celebrity chef Lorena Garcia has partnered up with Taco Bell on the Cantina Bell menu with items created exclusively by Lorena. Garcia, an accomplished Venezuelan chef was recently a judge on NBC’s America’s Next Great Restaurant—alongside Chipotle founder Steve Ells and is scheduled to be on Bravo TV’s Top Chef Masters this season.

This is how she explained the initial relationship with Taco Bell to The Braiser:

If I can bring a great menu, great quality to the ingredients, and create great recipes for them, why not? If I can give my message to so many for an affordable price, because if somebody can do it, it’s Taco Bell. The power they have to buy the ingredients, imagine what we can do, and it’s exactly what happened. It took two years of going back and forth, of developing recipes for them to make it. For them, I really wanted to simplify the produce and make it accessible for them to do it and at least it started, at one point, this is how the Cantina Bell menu with me, it started.”

All of the Cantina Bell offerings have suggested prices under $5, and come with a “you’ll love it or we’ll replace it with something you do” guarantee.”

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