Crocs March Across India.

You remember Crocs, the rubbery casual footwear that went from trendy to ubiquitous to fashionista exile? 

Well, it seems they’ve found a new home in India.

Like many brands who have reached saturation in the U.S., Crocs sees the Indian marketplace as a huge opportunity to expand the brand. They’ve been in-market since 2007, but a renewed push into the region, they expect Asia to soon to replace the U.S. as their largest market, with a goal to grow the market by 20% every year for the next five years. 

“We are constantly touching new consumers because many people still think that Crocs is a clog company, and when they find out the wide range of shoes which are comfortable yet stylish. This in itself is a whole new growth driver for the business,” says Florent Andre Bailly, Crocs VP for West Asia, India and Africa

In fact, Crocs currently come in 300 seasonal styles-including styles in leather, and for the Indian market, will soon cater to every season and for work as well as leisure.  

 “Walk in comfort, wear in style.” Is the new tagline for the brand campaign that Bailly says “…sends the message that Crocs can be worn every day, for every occasion.” With increased purchasing power, Indians who used to buy a pair of shoes a year, are now reportedly buying a pair of shoes every 2-3 months. 

That’s a lot of Crocs.

Source: Business Standard

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