Denny's Baconalia is a bacon-lover's ultimate fantasy. All the way down to the bacon-scented mobile app.

It is April Fool's Day, so when I heard that Denny's had a new menu and camppaign called "Baconalia," I thought for sure I was trying to be taken for a fool.

But alas, I was wrong.

Last week, Denny's unveiled a bacon-fest called Baconalia—a 10-week celebration of everything bacon.

Seven new limited-time offer menu items such as Bacon Meatloaf; Bacon Flapjacks; a BBBLT--eight strips of bacon, with lettuce, tomato and mayo on toasted potato bread; and even Maple Bacon Sundae.

For real.

And then of course, there's Denny's bacon-scented mobile app.

OK, that one only a Fool could believe.

Reports are that "Denny's technical team partnered with leading Silicon Valley company, Pacific Ocean-Rhino Kinetics, and spend month's (and probably expanded their waist-lines) perfecting the app that that allows consumers to download the app to any smartphone and enjoy the delicious aroma of bacon anytime, anywhere."

"When we decided to launch our Baconalia! celebration we knew we had to go one step further than simply offering delicious new dishes to our bacon fans - we wanted to provide them with the necessary tools to take bacon with them everywhere they went," said John Dillon, Denny's vice president of marketing and product development. "The result is a delicious device that enables bacon lovers to smell their favorite scent wherever they go, and get their bacon fix direct from their phone."

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