Denny's is going Vegan, but still offers a slice of melted pepperjack cheese

Last month, I posted about Denny's Fried Cheese Melt sandwich. It is one of many items on the diner's menu that surely satisfies American's food cravings, but also adds to our collective issue with obesity.

But now comes word of a new menu item that seems very off-brand for Denny's--a vegan burger.

Apparently, Denny's used to offer a veggie burger, but the new Amy's-brand burger is 100 percent vegan.

Not wanting to scare its core demographic too much, the restaurant's menu still calls the healthy and more humane burger choice a veggie burger (rather than a vegan burger), and offers customers a choice of melted pepperjack cheese (oops) and a wheat bun.

The burger patty itself is made from fresh organic grains and vegetables with protein-rich soy.

But I wonder if they cook that vegan burger on the same grill as Denny's Bacon Slamburger (just to give it a little flavor).

Source: Slashfood

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