Does Fiji Water really need to come from Fiji?


You may have read about the recent brouhaha being stirred up by the Fijian government's demand to charge an "extraction tax" to the folks who make Fiji Water. In response, the folks at Fiji Water said they'd pack up their equipment and leave the island, rather than pay the tax.

While the two sides sort this out, it got me thinking about the need of  Fiji Water to be drawn from actual water from Fiji--in consumer's minds.

Now really, do most of us spend much time thinking about where our water comes from?

We want our bottle water pure, and refreshing. And that's about it.

The Fiji Water brand conjures up imagery of an island paradise, but do we really know if the water is any more pure there, than say Bora Bora or the Bahamas?

Would anyone be upset to learn that Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing really isn't from Hidden Valley? Or that Farmer John no longer slaughters his own pigs?

It is pure branding.

Source: The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company

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