Dollar Shave Club Gets Behind One Wipe Charlies—Butt Wipes for Men.

Last year we told you about Dollar Shave Club, the cheeky startup that delivers members a month supply of razor blades, for $1. They launched with one of the best corporate videos ever—because it was well produced, and hysterically funny. That video went viral, and the company gathered up around 200,000 active customers.

Now the man behind Dollar Shave Club has found something to wipe your behind—One Wipe Charlies. OWC’s are hygienic, flushable wipes for men made with aloe and marshmallow herb. They’re a better way to wipe your messy bottom.  And like Dollar Shave Club, they’re being introduced in a cheeky video featuring Michael Dubin, who used to perform improvisational comedy as a hobby before getting behind flushable wipes for your behind. One Wipe Charlies are the softest, cleanest, fastest manliest way to handle wiping your butt. “Wipe once, and get on with your business.”

The wipes are being sold on the Dollar Shave Club site on a subscription basis (a pack of 40 for $4). DSC also offers three varieties of razor blades and shave butter for all of your manly needs. 



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