Dollar Shave Club Shows Us How It's Done: Cheap and Cheeky

We love when new ideas shake up old tired models. The latest brand that's caught our attention is Dollar Shave Club. The newly launched company delivers members a month supply of ravor blades, for $1 (plus shipping). While not as sexy as Panty by Post-- who's subscribers get fresh pairs of french panties every month, we think the idea of razor-blades-for-a-buck has legs. It is one of those "why didn't I think of that" businesses. Here's how the site describes the concept:

"We thought: You know what also sucks…forgetting to pick up razor blades at the store and then making excuses about why we look like we slept in a motel last night. Razor blades are one of the most regular purchases we make. Someone should just send us our blades once a month…"

And we seem not to be alone in our opinion. The site launched this past week, and immediately crashed the website's servers. Consumers are signing up by the thousands.

Another idea that needed refreshing was the expensive (and often boring) corporate video. Dollar Shave Club has managed to create a highly entertaining and cheaper-than-a-dollar-razor-blade video to promote the site. The video is hysterically funny, and inextricably tied to the brand message. It could easily have been a $100,000 production, and the idea that they produced it for a reported $4,500 is fantactic. 

According to CEO Michael Dubin, "The wonderful thing about Dollar Shave Club is that we get to tell a unique story these days and build a unique brand because we’re on the internet and because the rules are different there. We can be irreverent, but we can be direct. If you look at the video, we are communicating the whole time the product and service benefits. We’re talking about product and pricing. We’re talking about convenience. Yes, there’s a couple of jokes that don’t talk about the business there, but our goal with creating the video was to teach people about our business. And give them a laugh at the same time and that’s going to make them remember it more. I don’t see humor as a conflict. I see it as a vehicle to communicate those same points that other people are doing in a very dry way."

And as the video says, "Stop paying for shave tech you don't need." 

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