Facebook passes Yahoo! as the #2 Place to Watch Videos (Watch Out YouTube).

Long ago, Facebook became the largest online photo library with over 140 billion photos (that was an estimate from 2011). Now comes word that the social networking site is the second largest video site in the U.S. behind Google/YouTube, as the passed over Yahoo! as of July 2012. 

Google/YouTube is still far-and-away the winner in the video-viewer numbers game--with 157 million unique viewers, compared to 53 million from Facebook (according to ComScore) but the size and scope of Facebook’s online footprint is clearly still on the rise.

With the company’s recent IPO and plunging stock price in the news, it is easy to get caught up in the idea that Facebook’s heyday is behind it, but stock prices are fluid, and based on rumor and quarterly revenue growth projections—not the reality of popularity, or potential for growth. We’re clearly only in Chapter 2 of the Facebook story (start-up to IPO). Just as with Google, Facebook has many more opportunities to keep us engaged, and viewing.


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