Fake Lashes Run Afoul of Ad Watchdog

A recent Rimmel mascara advertisement shows off thick, beautiful lashes.

Unfortunately, the lashes in the ads are fake--or as the ad disclaimer states, "shot with lash inserts."

Citing diceptive advertsing, the UK advertising watchdog group, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has pulled the plug on the ad.

"Because we considered that the use of different length lash inserts applied to the eyelash area was likely to distort the visual representation of the effect achievable from the use of the product alone, we concluded the images in the ad were misleading," stated the ASA.

The UK Daily Mail reports that Coty UK -- parent company to Rimmel -- claims that the use of false lashes was not intended to fool the public, but rather accentuate the difference in lash looks you'd see in person, in a way that you could detect on camera.

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