Four Loko and other alcoholic energy drinks known as "blackout in a can" are facing governmental scrutiny and outright bans

The state of Michigan has just banned all alcoholic energy drinks.

Caffeinated malt liquor drinks have been increasing in popularity, with the brand leader being Four Loko.

The company makes four products: Four Loko Lemonade, Four Loko Blue Raspberry and Four Maxed Energy Malt Liquor.

After the drink, dubbed "blackout in a can" was linked to several alcohol-related hospitalizations, Chicago's city council and the state of Pennsylvania are also looking into banning the drinks.

The FDA recently sent requests to several alcohol energy brands demanding they prove themselves safe. Phusion Projects, the owner of the Four Loko brand, told CBS News that they responded to the FDA's request and sent them internal testing which shows their drinks are safe — "no different than 'having coffee after a meal with a couple of glasses of wine.'"

Phusion Projects has objected to the bans, citing the fact that caffeine and alcohol have been mixed for ages in drinks like rum and cola or Red Bull and vodka.

Of course bans can sometimes have the opposite affect on usage. NYC's Lower East Side restauranteur Eddie Huang fears the worst. "We've actually been stockpiling Four Loko for the apocalypse," he told Eater. Huang, owner of lower east side joint Xiao Ye, has pledged to host an all-you-can-drink deal at Xiao Ye every Thursday to fight against the ban.

"Four Loko is not a drink," he explained, "it is chlorine in the gene pool. It weeds out all the people unfit for the next generation, like Darwin in a can."

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