Fur may fly in Federal court in battle over kitty litter ad claims: Super Scoop vs Fresh Step.

Two CPG companies are in a cat fight over kitty litter advertising.

Arm & Hammer is suing The Clorox Company over a kitty litter ad that depicts cats rejecting Arm & Hammer's Super Scoop, and preferring Clorox's Fresh Step.

The ads make the claim that Fresh Step “is better at eliminating odors.” However, Arm & Hammer begs to differ, and says its own research came to a different conclusion.

"I'd like to bring 'Miss Pussy Sunshine' to the stand for expert testimony."

“But cats do not talk, and it is widely understood in the scientific community that cat perception of malodor is materially different than human perception,” the lawsuit said. “Thus, it is not possible scientifically to determine whether cats view one substance to be more or less malodorous than another substance.”

In the lawsuit, the company claims that Clorox’s study was flawed because it had eight cats using two boxes at the same time, according to the lawsuit. It said inter-cat behavior can impact box usage in ways that have nothing to do with cat preference.


Source: WSJ.com

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