Gird your Loins, and Hide the Remote: Glenn Beck is Back on the Boob-Tube, Striking a Deal with Dish Networks.

Yes it is true, Glenn Beck’s fact-defying chalkboard may be returning to a TV near you. 

It has been one year since Beck ran out of advertisers and viewers on Fox, and headed for the nether reaches of the Internet where he said he’d find the “freedom to try new things” and the flexibility to “do whatever show I wanted when I wanted.” But now in a flip-flop, he’s heading back to the world of television--adding the Dish Network as a distribution channel.

After his fall from cable television grace, the colorful and controversial conservative commentator was able to find 300,000 paying subscribers for his Internet television network which he originally and narcissisticly called Glenn Beck Television (GBTV)--a name eventually toned-down to be called TheBlaze TV. Those audience numbers are a mere tenth of the viewers he once had on the boob-tube—a reported 3 million viewers at his peak.

“Our success over the past year has given us the ability to go on traditional television while maintaining complete creative control and freedom and remaining at the center of the Internet revolution,” Beck is quoted as saying in The New York Times. The Internet-only network charged subscribers $99.95 a year or $9.95 a month. Ah, the price of freedom!

And apparently the Dish Network is only the first stop on the Glenn Beck’s back-on-television tour. The New York Times reports that TheBlaze TV may be seeking to strike other distribution deals. “We are in active discussions with other operators,” according to Chris Balfe, the president of Mr. Beck’s media company, Mercury Radio Arts.

Source: The New York Times

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