Glenn Beck boycotts Levi's over a "shocking" ad that is "glorifying revolution"

Glenn Beck has been boycotted by the following advertisers:

GMAC Financial Services



Procter & Gamble

Progressive Insurance



Radio Shack

Men's Wearhouse


And now, it is Glenn Beck's turn to boycott a company for its advertising.

Beck, on his radio show, denounced Levi's for a recent ad campaign that he said promoted progressivism (the new word for liberalism) because it contained images of young people rioting and marching. Although he seems to have not noticed the images of the same young people standing silently at the ocean's edge, playing music, and swimming calm (or are those things progressive too?).

Beck said that he found the commercial "shocking" and described it as "glorifying revolution." He took issue with one scene of a young man standing off with riot officers, which he said urged confrontations with the police. He compared the scenes to "European socialists marching" and "a Palestinian kind of march."

“I can’t believe I’m saying this," he said. "I love Levi’s. Never again, Levi’s, never again will you get a dime from me. I know you’re not disappointed. Never again. I won’t wear your stupid red tab."

Ooh, "red tab"--does that mean they're communist too?

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