Global Marketing Chief Joel Ewanick Leaves General Motors.

General Motors has lost its global marketing chief, Joel Ewanick, who only weeks ago was called “fundamental” to the company and said he was doing “a good job,” by GM Chief Executive Dan Akerson.

Ewanick was in charge of GM’s $4.5 billion global ad budget, and was reportedly a key player in the automaker’s turnaround efforts, in charge of a reorganization of the company’s marketing operations.

And by most accounts, he was the right guy to come in and shake things up— “He’s full of energy and vim and vigor and comes across as a glass breaker,” Mr. Akerson said the the WSJ. “But that is too simplistic. He is willing to challenge the status quo of the corporation and he has done a good job.”

Yes, it seems clear that Ewanick was good at shaking things up. The question as to whether his aggressive stance around change led to his departure is left to the rumor mill. Or were there other issues at hand? There are rumors of a not-so-complete vetting of the financials of a soccer sponsorship, and concern over his decision to announce the pulling of GM’s advertising just ahead of Facebook’s IPO, but whatever the case, it appears that the status quo won this round.

Let’s hope that GM can keep the good things rolling and not get stuck in the status quo of old.

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