Home Office Essential - The Charles Eames EA119 Chair

Having a home office and, indeed, working from home is a bit of a dream for most chaps but, given the way in which working remotely is becoming increasingly streamlined, it is no longer the pipedream that it once was and, in fact, working from home is a distinct reality for thousands of workers around the globe. The concept or idea of working from home often exceeds the reality unless you properly prepare for this undertaking and, it goes without saying, if you plan to carry out your day to day duties from home instead of in the office, you need to make sure you've got the right sort of space set aside in your property - the Home Office.

When it comes to kitting out your home office, there will be certain pivotal items that you simply won't be able to abide not including and, I think it's fair to say, your choice of seating will rank right up there with the most important. You could opt for a bog-standard piece of seating but this really would be an affront to your home office and, if you've been bestowed the privilege of working from home, it's essential to push the boat out and make your home office the best that it can be. So far as seating is concerned, you needn't really look any further than the, frankly rather spiffing, Eames EA119 Office Chair pictured above which is not only one of the iconic designer's most celebrated designs, it is also devilishly comfortable and the perfect incumbent for your newly installed home office.

Charles Eames was responsible for a myriad of furniture designs but he was particularly famed for the quality of his office chairs and the EA119 was definitely one of the cornerstones of this collection. Originally released in the 1950's, this superbly crafted piece of designer furniture was so exceptionally designed and timeless that it looks just as relevant for today's offices (and home offices) as it did when he first conceived of it over half a century ago. Famed for it's outside of the box design and intelligent use of materials, the Eames EA119 office chair stands out like a beacon as your ideal choice of seating for your home office and, once you've got this notoriously tricky choice out of the way, the rest should just fall into place.

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