Homer Simpson's Duff Beer is being sold on the DL in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Columbia

The fictional TV character Homer Simpson has been guzzling Duff beer at his favorite watering hole--Moe's for some time now.

But did you that Duff beer can be guzzled in the real world too?  Just as long as you are in Latin America.

20th Century Fox (who owns The Simpsons) has never licensed the beverage in the United States. According to several reports, Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening fears that bringing Duff into the real world would be tantamount to pushing alcohol on minors.

It seems that the beer can only be purchased in Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and Chile. The bottle's look just like the ones on TV, but with an added motto: "Yes it does exist."

Oddly though, according to the Miami Herald, the beer is being sold on the down-low.

The makers of Duff in South America say they aren’t allowed to talk to the U.S. media. And 20th Century Fox, which owns the rights to The Simpsons, said it would not say if it has a licensing agreement with any of the Duff producers.

The owner of the Chilean franchise, Enrique Robles sees the opportunity for success: “Two generations of young people have been raised on the Simpsons...What we have is an unsatisfied fantasy.”

You want proof of the demand? On eBay, an empty bottle of Duff beer from Argentina sells for $14.99; a decal off the Colombian product is being offered for $8.99.

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