How Does Google Search Work? [Google Video]

Almost all of us hop on Google on a weekly basis if not on a daily basis to find just about anything. Many of us have probably found ourselves living a life that would seem pretty empty without the raw awesome power of this technology powerhouse. Have any of you ever stopped and wondered exactly how Google search works? We use almost every day it but do we really understand it? Some people might say that it runs on an algorithm but do we really understand what that even means? Google has made this amazing technology quite secretive over the years but recently they have been letting out little tid bits of information so we have a better grasp on the technology.

In this video Matt Cutts, head of Google spam team describes the process of how Google uses their algorithm to crawl new and old web pages along with keyword usage in search queries.  Hold onto your seats folks this is a good one!

In this video Matt discusses:

  • Crawling rates
  • Content Indexing
  • Keyword usage
  • Search queries

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