"I Love Boobies" braclets banned on California school campus

Who'd expect that a braclet would pit The American Cancer Society against a public school district?

The trouble started when a group of California students who wanted to help raise awareness about breast cancer began wearing bracelets that say "I Love Boobies."

School officials in Clovis, California have banned the braclets saying their dress code contains a clause that states "any jewelry that contains any sexually suggestive language or picture" is not allowed. Another school district in Fresno, California first banned the braclets, then decided to allow students to wear them on campus.

The American Cancer Society supports the students and says, "This campaign is targeting teen years and college ages so that they can empower themselves to be advocates for their own bodies. If you can start raising awareness early on, it will only benefit them as they grow older."

JSYK reports that Some of students are buying the "I Love Boobies" bracelets at Kirk Psenner's store, KwirkWorld. He doesn't make any profit from their sale and says the bracelets already raised thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society.

"Even if they are taking it as a joke, it's starting a conversation. To pretend or push away an issue doesn't make it go away," Kirk says.

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