Ivana vs IVANAHelsinki: too close even with a Finnish accent

Ivana Trump sells jewelry, eyeglasses, women's clothing and accessories. She uses the "Ivana" name.

A Finnish fashion company sells women's clothing under the "IVANAhelsinki" name.

The former Mrs. Donald Trump is now suing the Finnish company in Manhattan federal court for infringing her two U.S. trademarks for "Ivana."

IVANAhelsinki products were just introduced in the United States at last week's New York Fashion Week. The lawsuit claims that the U.S. sale of IVANAhelsinki products is likely to confuse consumers or suggest a Trump endorsement, and damage her goodwill and reputation.

"If someone is by the runway and sees the name IVANAhelsinki with IVANA in capital letters, it is reasonably inferable that Ivana Trump endorses this line or is affiliated with the company," said Gary Lyman, a partner at Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt LLC who represents Trump.

The Finnish company was established in 1998, she said, and "our product, high-fashion clothing, is in no way marketed to the same audience as Ivana Trump's products."

Source: Reuters

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