JC Penney President is Out. Whether a Scape-goat or a Cancer, the Move Gives the Company One More Shot.

There have been many recent reports that JC Penney’s turnaround efforts are not going well. The new programs have been called complicated for consumers to understand, and sales and revenue have suffered. 

Now comes word that the company’s president, and one of the chief architects of the company’s plans, is out.

Michael Francis was the former chief marketer at Target who was brought in eight months ago to oversee merchandising, marketing, planning and allocation, product development and sourcing.

Francis is reportedly out, effective immediately, with his duties being taken-over by CEO Ron Johnson.

As an outside critic and consumer, we have high-hopes for JC Penney’s turnaround effort, and we’re in full-support at their gutsy stance on sales and pricing. It seems now they need a good chief architect to come in and simplify the offering (it is confusing customers) and get the brand more in-line with the strong marketing efforts they have been implementing.

The JC Penney misstep is a good example of how all aspects of the business need to be aligned, and firing on all cylinders in order to make effective change for the brand. Whether the root cause of the problem has been removed with Francis’ departure, or he is being used as a scape goat, let’s hope that Johnson can pull the company together and make an effective turnaround.



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