John Travolta tries to book a table at KFC

Who would call up a KFC and ask to reserve a table?

John Travolta, that's who.

The actor apparently got a little saturday night fever for some finger-lickin-good chicken while attending a Scientology event in Sussex, England recently. It seems that a rep for the actor tried to reserve a table at a location of the fast food chain in West Sussex, England but was told Travolta would "have to queue at the front like everyone else." The worker who took the call did not want to be named but said: 'To me, customers are customers, no matter who they are. It doesn't make a difference if someone is famous.

A spokesman for KFC said after-the-fact: 'In hindsight, of course, we would have reserved a table for him. 'It's not every day you get a Hollywood star eating in your restaurant.'

It is nice to hear that Travolta eats more than just "Royale with Cheese" whilst traveling in Europe.

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