Justin Bieber fragrances sold to Elizabeth Arden: Non-profit sells to a for-profit company.

There is something about celebrity-branded fragrances that has never smelled right to me. I somehow feel the brands are cheating the public—suggesting that the celebs created the scent themselves. Now, they probably all smell the fragrance before it heads to market, but come-on was the scent really their idea? Their passion? I don’t think so.

Last year, Justin Bieber introduced a fragrance of his own—not a men’s cologne, but a woman’s girl’s perfume to insite some Bieber-Fever. It was called “Someday” and, as everything that the J-Biebs touches, it turned to gold. The scent reportedly became the number one fragrance launch of 2011 in US department stores. And now a second fragrance, “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend,” will launch later this summer.

“Someday,” the first fragrance, was launched in partnership with Give Back Brands, “a new lifestyle products company committed to donating its proceeds to charity.” They said at the time that “ It’s a gift that gives back.” The advertising tagline was “Never let go with the new fragrance for her that gives back.” (for those of you outside of the Biebersphere, “Never Let Go” is one of JB’s hit songs).

But now, “Someday” is being sold to the very for-profit company Elizabeth Arden. It has acquired the global licenses and certain related assets for both the Justin Bieber fragrance brands.

While there was no announcement of the terms of the deal, moving from a non-profit to a for-profit may very well change the Bieber-promise of “ It’s a gift that gives back.”

How will the Bieber-fans know of this change? Will it change their decision to buy the brand? More than likely they will not know, nor would it change their buying habit. They’re buying something “touched” by the Biebs—something to ignite their Bieber-Fever.

Source: The Financial Times

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